Trademark registration in Thailand

Thailand is Vietnam’s largest trading partner in ASEAN today. According to Thai statistics, Vietnam is currently the Thailand’s second largest trading partner in ASEAN, behind Malaysia. Therefore, this is a potential and very sustainable market. Vietnamese enterprises need to pay attention to registering trademark when investing in Thailand.

In order to file a trademark application in Thailand, Vietnamese enterprises must prepare the following documents:

  • Sample of trademarks;
  • Power of Attorney (prepared by InvestOne);
  • Information of the applicant;
  • List of goods or/and services;

In Thailand, the time period for obtaining a trademark registration certificate is about 14 to 16 months; the protection period is 10 years and can be extended many times.

Registration agency: The Department of Intellectual Property in the Thai Ministry of Commerce.

Thailand trademark classification: Thailand uses the NICE system of trademark classification.

Trademark registration procedure Thailand

Registering a trademark in Thailand will require an applicant to have a permanent business address in Thailand. Foreign applicants may appoint a Thai agent through a power of attorney to proceed with filing trademark application on their behalf. Trademark registration application must also be completed in Thai language.