Trademark registration in Korea

Trademarks and service marks are protected in the Republic of Korea under the Trademark Act; and for such protection, marks should be registered with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO). The use of a trademark is not a prerequisite for filing an application for the registration of a trademark. Although the Trademark Act does not protect unregistered marks, it does provide protection of well-known or famous marks by restricting the registration of an identical or similar mark. There is no course of action against infringement of a well-known or famous unregistered trademark under the Trademark Act, but action may be pursued under the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

1. Requisite documents:

– Power of Attorney (prepared by InvestOne);

–  The priority document if the right of priority is claimed;

– Application form, Claims and abstract;

– 20 sample trademarks (within the size not exceeding 80mmx80mm);

– List of goods or/and services.

2.Time frame: 12-18 months from application date