Trademark registration

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Trademark Registration Process in Vietnam

Trademark Registration Process in Vietnam (click to zoom)

1. The legal basis:

  • Intellectual Property Law No. 50/2005/QH11 ;
  • The Government’s Decree No. 103/2006/ND-CP ;
  • Circular No. 01/2007/TT-BKHCN ;
  • Circular No. 263/2016/TT-BTC ;

2. Requisite documents:

  • Power of attorney;
  • 05 speciments of trademark (within the size not exceeding 80x80mm);
  • Related documents.

3. Time frame:

  • Formality examination: 01 month;
  • The publication date: 02 months from filing date;
  • Substantive examination within around 09 months from the publication date.

4. Trademark Search & Registration Services

  • Providing constancy on choosing trademark;
  • Classification of goods/services;
  • Making search before filing trademark application;
  • Providing advices on registrability of trademark/geographical indication;
  • Filing application and watching prosecution of trademark/geographical indication application;
  • Filing Opposition;
  • Renewals;
  • Providing advises on use of trademark in packages, label, in advertising products in print and electronic media;
  • Providing advices on right over trade name, trade icon, passing-off, and right obtained by practical use of non-registered trademarks;
  • Negotiating, drafting and taking procedures of recording agreement on assignment/license;
  • Implementation of trademark/GI right;
  • Representing client in filing trademark application in foreign countries or under Madrid system.