Legal documents in the second quarter of 2017

Code Subject Date of promulgation Effective date Promulgating agency/person
I. Investment
Circular No 28/2017/TT-BTC Amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Circular No. 45/2013/TT-BTC dated April 25, 2013 and the Circular No.147/2016/TT-BTC dated October 13, 2016 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the management, use and depreciation of fixed assets April 12, 2017 May 26, 2017 The Ministry of Finance
Decree No 38/2017/ND-CP On construction and operation management of inland container deposit. April 04, 2017 July 01, 2017 The Government
Decree No 42/2017/ND-CP On amendments to the Governments Decree No 59/2015/ND-CP date June 18, 2015 on management of construction projects. April 05, 2017 June 01, 2017 The Government
 Circular No 02/2017/TT-BKHDT On guiding the mechanism for cooperation in processing of applications for investment registration and enterprise registration submitted by foreign investors. April 18, 2017 June 15, 2017 Ministry of Planning and Investment
Decree No 46/2017/NĐ-CP Prescribing regulatory requirements for educational investment and operation.  April 21, 2017 April 21, 2017 Ministry of Planning and Investment
II. Enterprises
Circular No 41/2017/TT-BTC Provides guidance on Decree No 20/2017/ND-CP dated February 24, 2017 prescribing tax administration for enterprises engaged in transfer pricing. April 28, 2017 May 01, 2017 Ministry of Finance
Directive No 20/CT – TTg On reorganizing inspection and supervision over activities of enterprises. May 17, 2017 May 17, 2017 The Prime Minister
III. Intellectual Property
Decree 27/2017/ND-CP Amendments to the Government’s Decree No 131/2013/ND-CP dated October 16, 2013 on Penalties for administrative violations against copyrights and related rights and the Government’s Decree No 158/2013/ND-CP dated November 12, 2013 on Penalties for administrative violations against regulations on culture, sport, tourism and advertising. March 20, 2017 May 05, 2017 The Government
IV. Labor – Salary
Decree No 44/2017/ND-CP On the rate of contribution to the occupational accident and disease insurance fund April 14, 2017 June 11, 2017 The Government
Circular No 12/2017/TT-BLĐTBXH On the rate of minimum knowledge, capacity requirements that learners achieve after graduation from intermediate level, college degree. April 20, 2017 June 15, 2017 The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs
Circular No 11/2017/TT-BLDTBXH Guiding the implementation of Decree No.61/2015/ND-CP on job creation policies and national employment fund in terms of temporary employment policy April 20, 2017 June 15, 2017 The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs
Decision No 899/QĐ – TTg Approving the Program on career education goals – occupation and the occupational accident during 2016 – 2020 June 20, 2017 June 20, 2017 The Prime Minister