Intellectual property practices

You need to find a reputable intellectual property partner in Vietnam? InvestOne is an Industrial Property Representative Service Organization which is authorized by the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam to act on behalf of individuals and enterprises to establish and enforce intellectual property rights in Vietnam.

IP Legal Services for Enterprises

  • Providing advices and taking procedures of filing application for protection of IP objects and observing the situation of application prosecution, patents and registration certificates of the enterprises;
  • Analyzing making report of legal situation of IP right of the enterprises (including identification of infringement, analyzation of the registrability of IP objects, validity of IP rights, assessment of IP risks, etc.…);
  • Setting up plan to use protected IP rights of the enterprise; plan of identification of protection of IP rights;
    Representing enterprises in handling disputes relating to IP rights;
    Taking cross-border and multinational transactions (including licensing, assignment, franchising, distribution, technology transfer, confidentiality, etc…; and other IP services.

Patent/Utility Solution

  • Patent search;
  • Providing advices on the patentability of invention/utility solution;
  • Filing applications and watching the prosecution of the application for Patent/utility solution (including drafting, translating of specification and filing application for patent/utility solution);
  • Annuity payment;
  • Registration of agreement of transfer of IP rights and transfer of right to use IP objects;
  • Implementation of IP rights and settlement of disputes relating to patent (opposition, invalidation; taking suite and other measures to hade the infringement);
  • Representing clients in filing patent application in foreign countries and international patent application under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Industrial design

  • Industrial Design Search;
  • Providing consultancy on registrability of industrial design;
  • Filing applications and watching the prosecution of the application for industrial design;
  • Renewals;
  • Taking procedures for recorder of assignment/license agreement on industrial design;
  • Implementation of IP right and handling disputes relating to industrial design;
  • Representing clients in filing industrial design application in foreign countries.

Copyright and related rights

  • Providing advices on registrability of copyright and related rights;
  • Providing advices on registration, use and protection;
  • Negotiating and drafting agreement relating to creation, owner, license, assignment and fees;
  • Providing advices on anti-infringement of copyright and related rights;
  • Handing disputes relating to copyright and related rights.

Trademark, Trade name and Geographical Indications

  • Providing constancy on choosing trademark;
  • Classification of goods/services;
  • Making search before filing trademark application;
  • Providing advices on registrability of trademark/geographical indication;
  • Filing application and watching prosecution of trademark/geographical indication application;
  • Filing Opposition;
  • Renewals;
  • Providing advises on use of trademark in packages, label, in advertising products in print and electronic media;
  • Providing advices on right over trade name, trade icon, passing-off, and right obtained by practical use of non-registered trademarks;
  • Negotiating, drafting and taking procedures of recording agreement on assignment/license;
  • Implementation of trademark/GI right;
  • Representing client in filing trademark application in foreign countries or under Madrid system.

Plant variety protection

  • Providing advised on registrability of plant variety;
  • Providing advices and information of plant varieties, plant variety protection, information of this field in Vietnam and abroad;
  • Competing the dossier for plant variety protection;
  • Filing application for protection of plant variety;
  • Providing advised on validity of Protection Certificate of Pant Variety;
  • Handling disputes relating to plant variety;
  • Representing clients in filing appeal/opposition to the decision of the Office for Plant Variety Protection;
  • Providing advices and representing clients in filing request for protection of new plant variety abroad.

Integrated circuit layout design

  • Providing advices on protection of integrated circuit layout design;
  • Completing the dossier for filing application;
  • Filing application for registration;
  • Handling disputes relating to integrated circuit layout design.

License, technology transfer and franchising

  • Providing advices and/or negotiating, drafting agreement on technology transfer, licensing, assignment of IP rights;
  • Taking procedures relating registration, approval of such agreements before competent authorities;
  • Taking procedures of franchising.

Trade secret and unfair competition

  • Advices on measures to protect intellectual property (besides patent on invention/utility solution);
  • Completing the measures for protecting trade secret;
  • Drafting agreement/contract to identify and protect intellectual property;
  • Identifying unfair competition activities;
  • Handling disputes relating to trade secret/unfair competition.

Enforcement of IP rights

  • Identification of IP rights;
  • Investigation and survey;
  • Providing advices on measures of programs of anti-counterfeiting, anti-piracy and preventing infringement of IP rights;
  • Warning, negotiating, dispute handling, arbitration;
  • Representing and defending before competent authorities.