Trademark registration in Myanmar

Trademarks are registered in Myanmar under section 18(f) of the Registration Act of 1999 by means of declaration which a solemn statement of facts made by trademark owner.

 Requisite documents:

– A Power of Attorney (prepared by InvestOne);

– A Declaration of ownership executed by the applicant;

– Application form;

– Specification;

– Specimens of the trademark ((within the size not exceeding 80mmx80mm);

– List of goods, services.

Currently, Myanmar has no Trademark law and is not member of Protocol/Madrid Agreement, so when you want to register trademark in Myanmar, the applicants must appoint a representative on their behalf Myanmar perform all procedures related to the registration of the trademark.

1. Information should be provided:

– Name, full address and nationality of the applicant;

– A description of the brand: the meaning and color. If the trademark includes characters in foreign languages, to provide translation and transliteration of foreign letters that;

– List of goods/services using the trademark and, if possible, the goods / services of the goods / services corresponding to international classification.

2. Documents to be provided:

– Special power of attorney (must be notarized and consularized legalization) (will be provided);

– Declaration of ownership of Trademark;

20 samples Brand (size not larger than 8cm x 8cm and 1,5cm x 1,5cm are not smaller);

– Documentation for claiming priority, certified by the applicant agency (if claiming a right of priority).

3. Note:

– One application Trademark in Myanmar can be used to register for a Trademark with one or more classes of goods/services vary;

– The time from when the applicant Trademark until certificate of Trademark registration in Myanmar is 04-06 weeks;

– Certificate of trademark registration should be conducted every 3 years extended;

– In Myanmar, there has yet to trademark law, so soon after the completion of the registration of Trademarks, Trademark owners need to carry out the “Cautionary Notice” – Announcement recommendations on their Trademark Myanmar’s newspapers. Although it is not mandatory, but are meant to help people understand the Trademark ownership of the Trademark owners. Also, one other important effect is that it helps alert the parties do not intend to infringe the Trademark rights were violated by Trademark owners.