Guard services (CPC 87305)

Legal basis

Decree 52/2008 of the Government dated 22 April 2008 on management of security service business.

Investment conditions

1. WTO, FTAs: Not included in the Schedule

2. The law of Vietnam: Foreign investors providing guard services in Vietnam must meet the following conditions:

Ratio of foreign investors’ ownership in charter capital of a business organization: not exceeding 50%;

Form of investment: joint venture with domestic enterprises

Foreign investors:

  • Must be organizations;
  • Specialize in security service business
  • Have capital amounts and total asset value of USD 500,000 or more
  • Have operated for five consecutive years or more
  • Possess the certification by competent bodies of the host countries that enterprises and the persons representing the contributed capital amounts of the enterprises in the joint ventures with Vietnamese enterprises have not yet committed acts of violating the laws of the host or relevant countries.