Launching the website of the legal precedent of the Supreme People’s Court of Vietnam

After a period of research, development of case law is seen as an important milestone in the reform of the judiciary in recent years. Stemming from this reality, on  18 October, 2016, the chief justice of the Supreme People’s Court, Nguyen Hoa Binh has signed a decision to establish the website at the address

On the website of the case law, the judges can quickly search for new legal documents of case law, case law has just been announced … to research, consult, serve judge.

With the introduction of websites for operational legal precedent, the Supreme People’s Court hope to give the public the most updated information on the case-law activities, such as case law is in effect, was canceled, replaced or no effect; case law and draft the comments; the judgments and decisions with legal effect of the court is proposed to develop into case law. In particular, through this website, the public can make comments, contribute directly on the electronic pages of case law. The comments will be leader of the Supreme People’s Court receptive to development considerations and case law gradually improved. In addition to searching electronic information on case law, people can look up information on the Council of Judges of the Supreme People’s Court, the Council drafted case law, the judge’s resume … and other related news.

Supreme People’s Court  said that launching the legal precedent website contributes effectively implement the program of administrative reform, implementation of the roadmap publicity and transparency of information in order to serve the best for citizens.